In-Home Dog Boarding

Why In-Home Dog Boarding Is Preferable To A Large Kennel?


Before, packing your bags and setting off for the action-packed tour, you have to make arrangements for your dog. Having someone to watch over your dogs in your absence is very important. After all, you cannot just leave them in the house with plenty of food. Can you?

Most dog owners are stuck with the dilemma, whether to send their dog to an in-home boarding or a large kennel. In this case, the majority of the dog owners vote for in-home dog boarding. But why so? Let’s find out the reasons for it.

In-home Boarding vs Large Kennel

As already mentioned above, in-home boarding is more preferable than a large dog kennel. Here are the reasons why.

  1. In-home boarding is a 24 hours care for your dog where trusted professionals make sure that your pet is happy and well fed. On the other hand, kennelling is a service where your dogs are taken care of but behind bars. This clearly states the difference between the two services.
  2. In an in-home boarding, your dog gets to mix around with other dogs and pets. This is very important to keep your dog happy in your absence. However, this is not the case at a dog kennel as all the pets are mostly restricted behind huge cages.
  3. Another very big advantage of sending your dog to an in-home boarding is because of their excellent service. Every dog is given individual attention. They are taken out on walks, given treats and everything to keep them happy. This is just the opposite at a kennel. This is a place where the dogs are fed from time to time. In other words, no individual attention is given to your pet friend.

Most importantly, a dog can stay happy and feel loved at an in-home boarding which is not the case at a kennel. It is because of all these reasons that an in-home boarding is considered to be better than a kennel. Dog boarding in Montgomery County, PA is one of the best. They are known for their excellent services.

Next time when you go out on a tour to make sure that you leave your dog boarding service. This is for the well-being of your dog. You obviously, don’t like to come back to a sad and grumpy looking dog. Would you?

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