Black mamba vs King cobra
Black mamba vs King cobra
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Which is World Largest Venomous Snake?


In the present world, there are a large number of snakes living which are mostly venomous and highly dangerous to the human being.

However, these species will live in the jungle and other regions and often creating threats to the people.

Of course, there are some largest venomous snakes which surely be a deadly one and creates harm.

This passage, it tells about the world’s largest venomous snake that everyone wants to know. There have been some species that exists in the coloration, scalation and also with comparison.

Apart from this, the King Cobra is the most venomous snake in the world and danger in the wild. The black mamba is not behind Cobra, both Black mamba and King cobra are venomous, check Black mamba vs King cobra comparison as well.

Yes, King Cobra can be easily distinguished from others according to the shape and size of the neck hood. It has a much larger head when compare with other venomous snakes. Also, it has more generous as well as a thinner hood that gives maximum strength around two meters to length.

It is lighter in color for the head and darker in the body color. However, this snake will grow a maximum 19 feet 2 inches in length as well as scared to go closer to it. They are mostly found all over Thailand in larger fields and mountains or even houses. Of course, they are named as smart and tremendously strong animals in the world. Also, they are familiar with fast-moving snakes and often kill you as much as possible. It’s every bite comes under toxic and creates harm to the adults.


King Cobra usually found in many types of habitat. It can be found near a dense forest or near water and open grasslands. It can also see by human eyes in the open area and choose a place that is visible by all. Mostly, this snake prefers bamboo thickets to create a nest and live there. On the other side, King Cobra seems to live in the mountains and mainly depends on climb activity.

Active Time

Fortunately, most of the King Cobra is diurnal which founds active during the daytime. Apart from this, they are active at night too and have more power than night time. So, they quickly search their prey during day hours and active forever.

Food (Prey)

When comes to food, they primarily eat small snakes and kill for its prey. In fact, this snake will eat python, Birds, Lizards, rodents, and another cobra family. They even kill a human being who creates harm to the snake.

Defensive Behavior

Most probably, the King Cobra lifts its head up to 4-5 feet and flattens out the neck as much faster. The toxin will release five times stronger than other cobras and usually afraid of others. Also, these snakes will be scared of human and escape by moving slowly. If it bites the person, they will die within 10 minutes, and there is immediate treatment taken they will be out of danger.

Venom Toxicity

The King Cobra is most venomous snake which has more potent and have the highest killing ability. They even kill the huge elephant with a single bite, and there are no constituent’s treatments for king cobra bite.

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