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Taking care of your new puppy: Things to know


If you are planning to bring a puppy home or have just brought one, it can be a time of unbridled joy for the whole family. However, taking affordable pet care of a puppy is not very easy and is certainly not a walk in the park. Knowing about a few things will help you take care of it in the right manner and will also bring more enjoyment to the family.

It can be quite a bit of work initially

Though bringing home a new puppy is not equivalent to bringing home a new baby, the initial amount of work can be substantial in both the cases (though definitely not equal). Expecting the work is a good way of being prepared. There will be a lot of accidents and there will be quite a bit of cleaning up to do after your new puppy. However, it is going to be well worth the effort.  This is also the time when you have to work at developing good habits in your pet that will ensure that everyone is able to have a good time.

Going to the vet

This is one of the first things you need to do with your puppy. A visit to the vet will rule out any birth defects, health issues and anything else you may have concerns about. If you don’t know a vet, it is okay to ask around among friends and co-workers. In fact, if you have adopted your puppy from a shelter, the people there may be able to suggest a great vet.

A visit to the vet is also a good time to ask about your puppy’s nutritional requirements. Things like what to feed it, how much to feed and when to feed are great things to ask the vet. It will give you a good idea about your puppy’s diet.

Quality dog food

Buying quality dog food for your puppy is something you cannot compromise on. What you feed your puppy is critical for its health and choosing sub-standard dog food is just not a good idea. The important thing to do is choose a food that is formulated for your puppy’s age and requirements. If you are concerned about whether serving a packaged food to your puppy is a good idea, you can be assured that most quality dog foods have gone through stringent safety regulations and are actually very good in quality. Also, a packaged product is more nutritionally balanced to meet the varied nutritional requirements of your growing puppy, something that home-cooked food meant for human consumption can never provide. If you are looking for more info, the best person to ask would be your vet.

Establishing a bathroom routine

It is extremely important to establish a bathroom routine for your puppy as soon as possible. It is also important to offer a lot of positive reinforcement and refrain from punishment if there are accidents. Expecting that bathroom accidents are going to happen in the beginning is the best way to go forward. Knowing when to take out your puppy and ensuring that it is actually taken out during particular times of the day is important.

Check out for illnesses

Just because you brought a young puppy home does not mean that it cannot be ill. Being aware of the early signs of illnesses is a good way of ensuring that proper care is given on time so that the situation does not deteriorate. Having medications handy for common illnesses is also the smart thing to do. If you see any illness symptoms, make sure you contact a vet as early as possible.

Socialisation and obedience

You have to teach your puppy the importance of socialisation so that its life is filled with positive social interactions. Interacting with other human beings and other pets and next other animals is very important and the sooner these are learnt the better it will be. Teaching your puppy the rules of obedience is also essential for its proper development. Teaching it commands is a good way of making sure that it stays away from potentially hazardous situations.

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e of your puppy in the proper manner, you will enjoy it more.

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