Safe Travels: How To Travel In The Car With Your Dog


Traveling is fun and what makes it even more special is when you do it with your family, friends, and pets. Traveling with your dog can be an epic experience for the both of you, especially if you do it right. You have to understand that traveling with people is different from traveling with your dog since dogs require more attention and precaution, especially while traveling via car.

How To Safely Travel In The Car With Your Dog

Before actually going on a travel with your dog via car, you have to do the following tips in order to familiarize your dog with the car:

1) Let your dog sit in the car with you without actually leaving or driving away. This will get your dog used to being inside your car.

2) Go for short rides with your dog inside the car. This will let your dog get the feel of being inside a moving car.

On your actual travel, it is wise to do these following tips in order to have a safe travel with your dog via car:

1) In order to avoid car sickness, it is best to let your dog travel with an empty stomach.

2) Keep your car ventilated well. It is usually best to travel with your dog in the car with open windows so that fresh air can freely flow into your car but it ultimately depends on the weather and the situation. If you intend to travel with closed windows, always use air-conditioner.

3) Never let your dog hang or stick his/her head out the car window. This is very dangerous.

4) Always keep your dog inside the main car compartment with you. Do not let him/her ride in the back of a truck or inside the trunk.

5) If you are traveling with your kids, do not let them annoy or tease your dog in the car.

6) Schedule lots of stops for potty breaks or stretching and exercise.

7) Never leave your dog inside a closed vehicle alone or unattended, especially in the summer.

Ways To Secure Your Dog In The Car

When traveling in the car with your dog, it is best to secure your dog properly in order to avoid him/her from ever falling off or jumping out of the car.

Here are seven easy ways to secure your dog in the car:

1) Backseat barrier

Install a backseat barrier in order to keep your large dog safe in the backseat even when you hit the brake suddenly.

2) Backseat hammock

Install a backseat hammock so that your dog can relax and lay safely in the back of the car while you are driving. This hammock prevents your dog from climbing to the front and protects him/her from falling off the backseat.

3) Dog guard

Install a dog guard and make sure it bolts to the roof and the floor of the car so that it will not be knocked out of its position and so that your dog will be safe from being thrown due to an accident.

4) Plush carry box

Install this elevated plush carry box on the backseat and make sure to harness your dog in it in order to keep your dog safe while he/she enjoys the view of his/her surroundings.

5) Crate

Install a suitably-sized crate on the backseat of your car and cover it with a blanket so your dog can relax while inside. The crate will make sure your dog is safe but can move around inside while you are traveling.

6) Zipline harness

Install a zipline harness with a dog harness so that your active dog can move minimally and be restrained safely while traveling via car.

7) Dog harness seat belt

Install a dog harness seat belt to secure your well-behaved dog throughout the entire travel. Make sure he/she does not chew on the harness.

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