Puppy Mill That Breeds Registered Pit Bulls and Offers Stud Services


This is a ‘puppy mill’ often branded as a ‘puppy farm’ and is a dog breeding commercial facility. There are a predictable to be over 4,000 puppy mills in the United States producing more than 1/2 million puppies every year. Commercial kennels must be certified by the US Department of Agriculture as well as state and local jurisdictions and must be inspect the kennels regularly. We have Merle, Tri, Champagne American Bullies.


This is a puppy mill that breeds pitbull. It is family owned and operated business and has been breeding and selling pitbulls for many years. These PitBulls are registered with the ‘American Bully Kennel Club’ and ‘United Kennel Club’ and focuson this type of dogs. They breed purebred American pitbull terrier and since they specialize, they breed only show quality dogs. They do not just breed and sell these dogs, they are our family. They are shipped throughout US, Canada and the rest of the world for a lot less.

Purchase or stud services

Whether you want to buya puppy Pit Bull or need stud service, our Pit Bull Home will be able to aid you. Our services embrace:

  • Stud service
  • Pitbull Breeding
  • Grooming
  • Sales and shots

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Pit Bull Terrier

”Pit Bull Terrier” was developed by breeding between English Bulldogs and English Terrier to develop a dog that united the “gameness of the terrier” with the “strength and athleticism of the bulldog”. These dogs (called Bull and Terrier) werefirst bred in the British Isles and came to the United States and became the direct ancestors of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Pit Bull Terriers

These Pit Bull Terriers effectively fill the role of dog for companion and police dogs, therapy dogs and can also make great house dog or pets even though this breed remains highly misunderstood because of negligent owners and a proliferation of myths.

If you are interested in a Pit Bull Terrier puppy for your family, we have several for sale.

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