Maru-chan the Singapura cat in Japan


Indeed, for anyone, a great companion will be a lovely furball. Yet, he or she can be spoiled by the Hooman. If you consider Maru-chan, you will find every bit of truth in these words. Certainly, Maru-chan is a Singapura breed, and they are the smallest race of cats.

Maru-chan is cat as a human friend. her Hooman offers pure love and harmony to her. She loves to be the center of attraction, always! Sometimes, she is a bit naughty, playful, and wants all the attention of the world. Nevertheless, her Hooman also respects it and gives the best things in the cosmos. The Maru-chan has an extremely exciting life. The Maru-chan’s owner loves to work with the interior, different furniture set, tableware, lighting, etc. Moreover, Maru-chan enjoys sharing every frame and fame from the clicks.

In the Instagram world, Maru-chan’s daily life plus attractive interior designs have become extremely famous. She loves to be the focal point of the videos and enjoys the appreciation of her fans. People who love to have better interior design ideas are also become astonished by the poses of Maru-chan. Her speechless dark eyes will make you hypnotized, and you want more of Maru-chan!

However, Maru-chan hates taking baths. So it will be a pity troublesome work for her Hooman to keep her fresh and photogenic. But it’s worth it because the Maru-chan is the precious diamond for the owner. You can easily witness the life of Maru-chan on Instagram. All of her photos and videos, combined with the best interior ideas, will bring brainstorm for you. You should follow the ‘ikhrymt’ to witness the journey of “Maru-chan: A Record of Living with Cats.” Be the part and witness the awesomeness!

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