Looking for a Puppy That Is Loyal and Protects the Family Look at Pitbull Puppy


If you are looking for pitbull puppies for sale, this is what you will get with your new puppy:

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  • Registration papers
  • Deworming
  • Updated shots
  • Lifetime Satisfaction
  • Health certificate
  • Puppy Training
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Bred in England

In England throughout the early years of 19th century, breeding of terrier and bull were developed for a sport of bear and bull baiting. These quests became illegal in 1835 as dog-fighting began to take its place. Both dogs are violentbut the trait of “not willing to bite a human” were part of both their genetic makeup. Soon these dogs were known as strong, gentle, protective, and family friendly.


The immigrant took their “bull dogs” when they came to America and these dogs became all-around farm dogs. They guarded property against animal prowlers, hunted wild game, and were great companions. They were named “American Pit Bull Terrier” in 1898 by the UKC of Britain. The AKC predicts the breed under the new name of the “American Staffordshire Terrier” in 1936.

American Pit Bulls

American Pit Bulls are strong and brave with a very strong built. These traits together with good intelligence made them the perfect dogs for such things as obedience, conformation, agility, as well as tracking. They have bodies that are stocky and very strong and powerful, heads. Their coat is short and can be found in almost any color, patched or solid. These coats need very little maintenance.


The “American Pit Bull” is like people that flourishes best when treatedas a part of the family. He also loves to have a job to do. While he is friendly, he is totally loyal to his family. This mean that he will protect them from anything he sees as danger. They are great family dogs, needs training as well as regular exercise. Look at the puppies and see if an “American Pit Bull” is waiting to come to your home.

Stud services

If you need stud services, call and we will tell you where the nears dog is for that service.

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