Wrong Puppy Trade

Look for the Perfect Purchase Solutions for the Animals


When looking for a puppy, there are many things to keep in mind. How old is the puppy exactly? Has the puppy already received the necessary vaccinations? And is the information on the dog passport reliable? To lend you a helping hand, we have listed some information so that you can reliably buy a puppy.

About 150,000 dogs are sold in this country every year. This mainly concerns puppies. In half of these puppies, nothing is known about the dog. What’s up with the animals for sale?

Risks of Import Dogs

Many dogs are imported to this country to be sold here. Unfortunately, this is not always done legally, for example, because a dog is smuggled into the country in a trunk or box. This can have consequences, including a higher risk of rabies.

For example, imported dogs or dogs from illegal breeders or traders do not always have the correct vaccinations, are not chipped or registered or maybe too young. Also, the provenance of these dogs is not always clear, and they may have been mistreated during their short lives.

Supply And Demand

Dog trade is the result of supply and demand, according to experts. The illegal dog trade will therefore continue as long as people buy these dogs. You prevent these abuses by not buying these illegal dogs, but rogue dog traders know exactly how to market their dogs. This makes it difficult for consumers to make a good choice, according to the Animal Protection Agency.

‘Wrong Puppy Trade’ Checklist

Therefore, the organization has created a ‘wrong puppy trade’ checklist, which prevents you from buying a puppy from a rogue dog dealer. With this checklist, you can check whether you are talking to the right people. For example, the organization recommends not contacting a seller if there are no clear photos and information with the advertisement and always contacting them first by email or writing. “And always remember: when in doubt, don’t do it”, according to Animal Protection.

Ask For Test Results and Vaccinations

Organizations committed to defending animals advise you to ask specific questions to the supplier or breeder of the dog. These questions prevent you from making hasty decisions. According to the organization, you should trust your gut feeling and not want to buy a puppy within fifteen minutes. Find the right choices in animalssale.com now.

In addition, the organization states that you should pay close attention to which vaccinations a puppy has had. Pups should be well vaccinated, at a minimum, against Weil’s disease, parvovirus and distemper. In addition, dogs coming from abroad must be vaccinated against rabies. This is only possible at the age of twelve weeks. Make sure that a puppy that comes from abroad has had that vaccination.

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