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Information on the Dog Breed Pug and Why They Are So Popular


The breed of dog that is referred to as pug has very distinctive physical features such as:

  • Short-muzzled face
  • Wrinkly face
  • Curled tail

This breed has a glossy and fine coat that comes with a variety of colors, most often tan, fawn, or black. The body of this breed is compact and square with muscles that are very well-developed.


These dogs were originated in China and were popular among ancient ruling class families. Emperors from China considered the pugs as their companions and were bred to royal standards in the lap of luxury.

What others say

Most people refer to the pug as “a lot of dog in a small space”. This breed is a part of the toy group recognized by the “American Kennel Club”. Many refer to them as the clowns of the dog world since they have a really great sense of humor as well as love to show off. They were bred originally to be lap dogs which make them grow well with human companionship.

Special pug

If you want to see a pug that captures all that is listed above, you can go to meet Monty; a dog whose owner loves him so much he takes lots of pictures and videos to show others what a perfect pug really is.

Perfect dog

Monty’s owner believes that this breed of dog is the best to raise as they are:

  • Docile
  • Charming
  • Friendly

These are some of the special features that dog lovers usually are looking for. The person who came up with the quote that, “dogs are a man’s best friend”, probably was thinking of a pug like Monty at the time. These are dogs that stand out from the many other breeds because of their looks, but also because of their personalities. In fact, they are reported to be the most popular breed of dogs all over the world.

If you are considering Tear stains in small dogs for yourself the perfect breed would be the pug. They are great house dogs, and very loyal to their companions. It is certain that a pug would be the best breed of dog for someone who is older in life and lives alone.

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