Hydrotherapy Centres Are Perfect for Pets Who Are Having Problems


Hydrotherapy is good for almost every dog especially as they get older. It can help with a wide assortment of problems such as:

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Relief of pain
  • Management of weight
  • Management of medical problems
  • Building of muscles
  • Mental stimulation
  • Therapeutic

There are probably several canine hydrotherapy centre in your town or a town close to you. Most of these hydrotherapies have state of the art hydrotherapy equipment and dogs love going.

First session consultation

At the first session you and your dog will have session prior to the swim. At this time, they will analysis gait, mass of muscles measure, as well as weight and evaluation their condition currently and any medical problems in the pet’s history. This 1st session is often an experience that is nervous for some dogs as possible. This first session will usually last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Every session after this will be 24 to 30 minutes.


Using the latest in hydrotherapy treadmills, our qualified and experience hydro therapists have the goal to provide the best possible and most effective treatment for your pet. Most centres offer a relaxed, calm and friendly environment for you to enjoy spending time with your pet while they enjoy their hydrotherapy treatment.

Manager and staff

Our manager of any centre is experienced as well as license Veterinary Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapist. The entire staffs is devoted to offering experience and approachable services for you and your pet whether they are recovering from an injury, starting to show signs of slowing down or looking to loose weight or maintain their fitness level. They work hand in hand with your pet’s vet to make sure they are getting the highest possible standard of care and you can rest assured that they will always be the centre’s attention.

Everyone is happy

Whatever the problem your pet comes for treatment our priority is healthy, happy, patients and happy owners.

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