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How to Train Your Dog Efficiently and Build a Good Relationship


Dogs are very useful animals that perhaps everyone should keep at home. This is attributed to the fact that apart from providing security to ourselves, family members and property, they also offer entertainment and company. However, in order to enjoy numerous benefits and get maximum services from your dog, then it’s very essential to establish a strong relationship with your dog just like you do with your household. It’s beyond a reasonable doubt that dogs are very extraordinary animals in the fact that they learn quickly whatever they thought and put them in use immediately. Apparently, it can be a daunting task to potty train a dog especially if you are just beginning to rear them or in some instances, it might take some time to train your dog if it’s a new practice to it. Therefore, if you are planning to start keeping dogs or you are having some difficult time to potty train a dog, then this is the right place for you since helpful content that will help you build a good relationship with your dog and the best way to potty train a dog is given below.

First and foremost, spending some quality time together with your dog is a very influential factor in building a good relationship with your dog. Its good to have some time with your dog may be just relaxing with it under a shed or taking it out for a walk. This provides you with a chance of knowing and understanding the behaviour of your dog well. You will know what it loves, hates and its general behaviour.

Secondly, keep your dog engaged in playful activities. This is a key factor in strengthening the bond between the two of you just like the love that exists between parents and their kids. Try to humanize your dog by doing physical activities together, spending some time at the trampoline and doing fun activities.

Thirdly, always keep calm whenever your dog messes up. Approach any mischief behaviour of your dog with love and care rather than losing your temper and being arrogant. Such behavioursinstil fear in your dog, therefore, destroying your relationship. Always be clear when giving instructions to your dog by using simple signs or drawing stickers because they are often effective in training dogs.

Last but not least, ensure you give quality and delicious food to your dog. You can decide to do this by either preparing some food for it or rather buying some nutritional foodstuffs. Avoid giving your dog leftovers because it’s unhealthy for your dog. A good relationship comes with some life that you show to your dog while giving it food.

On the other hand, when it comes to potty training your dog, then you first have to keep track of your dog. Always keep watching your dogs movement and interrupt any accidental behaviours that are likely to be caused by your dog. This can be simply done by clapping or frequently using a word like NO whenever it wants to urinate or defecate at an unwanted place and then directing it to the right place. Stick drawings that contain dog images that are self-explanatory. Additionally, select the best potty zone where they did can easily access it or where you can take it to when it needs to relieve itself. Then last but not least, always ensure you clean the dirtied areas instantly if your dog accidentally urinates or defecates. This act instills good behaviour to your dog. Practising the above tips will greatly help to build a good relationship with your dog.

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