How to Prepare Your Dog for A Visit to a Groomer


Keeping your dog healthy and clean is one of your top priorities. You do all that you can yourself to meet this aim. But you need the help of professionals. A groomer is among the most important of these. Taking your dog or cat to a pet groomer Apex NC will ensure that they get the bathing, tripping, and clipping they need to stay healthy in body and appearance.

However, you should take concrete steps to prepare your pet for the visit. Here are a few easy measures you can take to ensure the grooming trip comes off without a hitch:

  1. Introduce your pet to the groomer

Some pets are friendly with strangers. They cuddle up next to them or invite them to play. Others are shier and may give trouble to a someone trying to do the things that a groomer will have to. The best way to head-off potential trouble is to introduce your pet to the groomer before the first session. You should go to the place where the grooming is to take place. That will allow you pet time to adjust to the surroundings, so that they will not feel so isolated and alone.

  1. Imitate grooming

If your pet is going to a groomer for the first time, the experience of the thing will be strange and new. You should imitate the things that the groomer will do to get them used to it. This can include running a brush over their fur and blow drying them after a bath.

  1. Reward them for good behavior

If your dog has already been through one grooming session and was perfectly behaved, you should give them a treat on the spot—that is, at the groomer you collect them from. It is one of the best ways to prepare them for the next visit. They will link good behavior during grooming with a reward afterward.

  1. Do regular visits

You should visit the groomer often. This gets them used to the location and the people in the grooming center. Dogs, like humans, prefer certainty and familiarity. The more used to a place they are the better behaved they will be undergoing the process of grooming.

  1. Drop off and go

It is important for the groomer to bond with your dog. You should not spend too much time at the groomer once you have dropped them off. Leaving them alone with the groomer is the best way for them to trust the person who will be cleaning, trimming, and clipping them for hours at a time.

Grooming need not be a strenuous and stressful experience for your pet. If you get them used to the event, it will allow them to adjust and go through with some cheerfulness and ease. This is the best situation for both the dog and the groomer, so you should do all that you can to facilitate it.

But before you do anything, you should ensure that the groomer you choose is the one most suitable for your dog.

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