How to Make Your Dog Smarter  


Based on their nature, all dogs have some basic intelligence. They are easy to train for obedience, discipline, and bite-inhibition. You will need some basic dog training tips to make them learn all that though.

Teaching your dog new behavior and words is not easy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The more you talk to your dog and give them hand signals, the more likely they are going to learn. Dogs make for smart assistants but for that, they need to be well-socialized.

These are some ways you can make your dog smarter:

  1. Build a solid foundation

A research done by the University of Milan says that the more you train your dog, the smarter they become. The psychology department at the University conducted a study on 110 dogs. Half of them were given minimal obedience training and the other half received rigorous training. It was found that the dogs who were trained more were more intelligent than those who were less trained.

That means you need to build a solid foundation by training your dog more than you normally do.

  1. Words associations

Did you know that dogs have the same level of intelligence as a 2-year old baby? That’s why they are able to understand words such as fit, stop or fetch. To make your dog smarter, try teaching them associate words with items, activities, and behaviors.

Use verbal cues for communicating with your dog and unlocking more opportunities to learn new things.

  1. Play dog intelligence games

There are plenty of games that don’t just keep your dog physically fit but make them smarter. Dogs need to stimulate their minds just like they must stimulate their bodies. These are some of the games you can play with your best friend to make them smarter:

Treasure hunt: It helps the dog use sense of scent to sniff treats.

Hide and seek: This game helps your dog use their nose and ears to find a hidden item or you.

Name game: In this game, you tell the name of the object and the dog seeks it.

  1. Praise them

Dogs need lots of praise. You must reward them for the positive behavior and punish them (slight punishment) for the negative behavior.

With positive reinforcement, you are letting the dog know what actions are desirable. A bully rub, saying good boy and giving treats are some of the ways of praising them for their good behavior.

When you reward your buddy for their good behavior, it strengths your friendship. And once trust is built between you and your buddy, they won’t let you down.

Dogs are empaths. Their level of stress increases when they hear a baby crying just like human beings. With proper guidance, training and support, dogs can uncover their full potential. They could become the best companion you ever had. And we all know that dogs are among the most faithful animals.

You better start training your buddy today to develop them into a smarter companion.


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