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How to Ensure Proper Health and Growth of Your Aquarium Plants


You might have been fascinated with the beauty of aquascapes created in some of the aquariums that you have seen. It is also possible for you to create such beautiful aquariums with aquatic plants. However, it is very important for you to know what it takes to ensure proper care and growth for your aquarium plants.

Importance of proper nutrition for healthy growth of aquarium plants:

Firstly, these aquarium plants require proper supply of nutrients such as phosphate, potassium, and nitrogen, so that they are able to grow healthily. It’s difficult to choose the right kind of fertilisers, because of so many products that are available these days. If you do not choose the right kind of fertilisers, then it could lead to chemical imbalance in the aquarium ecosystem.

Just like how we need balanced diet system to have a healthy body, even the plants require proper nutrition to adjust with the aquarium ecosystem, and flourish. These plants absorb micronutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in order to maintain a healthy growth.

Some of the other important macronutrients for the growth of aquarium plants are manganese, boron, and iron. The plants will not be able to grow to their full potentials if any of these important macronutrients of compounds are deficient.

Importance of proper lighting for aquariums:

Proper lighting not only helps in improving the beauty and aesthetics of your aquarium, they are also equally important for ensuring healthy growth of plants. Light energy is very important for the process of photosynthesis. It ensures healthy growth of photosynthetic organisms in your aquariums like, corals, anemones, and plants.

You must make yourself aware about the kind of lights that you will need to use, according to the types of plants you choose. For example, some of the plants like the red stem plants require more lighting, while other plants like the aquarium mosses, Anubias, and Java Fern require low lit environment to grow properly.

Aquarium moss is a very good habitat, if you plan to have aquarium shrimps like cherry shrimps and crystal shrimps. Not only does it gives them the essential nutrients in the form of biofilm and microscopic algae, they also enjoy hiding and playing in between the mosses. Photos of various rare aquarium mosses can be viewed at Aquarzon’s website at

You can choose the lighting fixtures and bulbs per the requirements of your aquarium plants. There are basically classified into 4 types, namely:

  • LED lighting systems
  • Metal halide lighting for high intensity
  • Compact fluorescent lighting
  • Normal fluorescent lights

Change aquarium water weekly:

In addition to the above mentioned points, it is also equally important for you to change the water in your aquarium every week. Fresh water avoids the build-up of surplus nutrients and ensures proper health and growth of your aquarium plants.

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