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How Obedience Training Works With Different Personality Dogs?


Your dogs are like your own child. And, like any other human being, dogs come with their own personality too. No two dogs would have the same personality. Your furry friend would react to different things in different ways, get motivated differently and have their own quirks too. If you are the owner of more than one dog, you might have witnessed them having different favourite plaything, food and even their fear. Just like you would teach your human child, your furry friend requires dog obedience training either at home with the basic and with the help of professionals who know how to handle different dogs. Here are some common personalities among dogs.

A Dog With An Independent Personality

These dog personalities do not prefer a huge crowd even when they are training. Therefore they should be trained by someone who is the leader or the head of the house. For their mental welfare as well as their happiness and peace of mind, space is an important factor not to be messed with. Again, they might feel comfortable with one’s own family and their trainer but too much of an unannounced company is not something they prefer. At times like these, you could consider dog day-care.

Excitable Personality

These dogs love to meet and greet everyone. You would always find them wagging tail when their owner arrives or even unannounced guests. They are lively; they cheer you up followed by lots of licking. But as they are overly-excited, not enough training might cause you problems. Dog training is vital for any kind of dog especially basic training commands like ‘sit’ or ‘stay down’.

Timid Personality

You have to be patient with dogs that have a timid personality because they could get shy or frightened very easily. Dog training obedience ensures that their needs are being listened to and giving them plenty of opportunities to try and succeed in their training. Otherwise, they might get upset and stop listening to you. With positive success treats, it would be become easier to help them gain confidence.

A  Flexible Dog

Dogs that have an adaptable trait and are flexible with any situation are the easiest to train. All they want is your love and affection; they are always relaxed, enjoying the company of others. This dog personality is always ready to please and earn your love.

Therefore, these are some of the most common personality traits that are observed among dogs. Professionals understand their personality better and you could go for one when you have a tight schedule but want all the care and love for your dog.

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