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How Do I Prepare My Dog For Doggie Daycare?


Leaving your dog at a dog daycare with a staff of strangers may be a little overwhelming. So, you need to prepare your dog adequately before you start taking them to doggie daycare. You know how your dog likes to be pet, how they like their food, and what they usually love to watch before they go to bed. And you are right to be concerned about their health.

Being a great dog parent that you are, you may want to know how to prepare your canine companion for a new life at doggie daycare. These are some of the steps you can take:

Practice crate training

Your dog may or may not have been crate trained. Nonetheless, practicing crate training just before dog daycare will help make your dog stay and have an easy and more enjoyable experience at the facility. You can simply get your pet used to entering and exiting the crate a few times everyday as this will prepare them adequately for their great experience with professionals at the facility.

Pack familiar items for your dog

Just like you would do to a child when you leave them a friend’s or family member’s home, send a few familiar items and toys to keep them calm and comfortable during times of stress. Some familiar toys can always help to keep dogs calm especially those that experience separation anxiety.

Introduce your dog to the staff at the facility

Before taking your dog to dog daycare, you should make an introduction days before. Once you have identified the best doggie daycare, you should bring your canine companion at the facility at any time during the day for few hours to meet the staff and familiarize with them. This can help your four-legged friend get used to the staff while you are away at work.

Socialize more

You should socialize your dog more before you start taking him to dog daycare. You can take your four-legged companion to a dog park so as to get them used to socializing with other dogs a week or two leading up to leaving them in doggie daycare. At the park, your dog will learn how to make new pals and this will help them make friends easily and faster when you finally drop him at the dog daycare. At these facilities, dogs and professionals love to relax and play as a group. Therefore, your dog being socialized more will create a friendly, fun environment for everyone.

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