Golden Tips For Dog Feeding


After a whole day’s tiring work, when you come back home, obviously you would want to see your pet dog jump at you with joy. Well, that proves the happiness your dog enjoys when he or she sees you come back home after an entire day. What if you do not experience this situation? What if you return home and notice your dog lying on the floor with a grumpy face? Of course, you won’t like it. Well, if you have to avoid such situations, you have to feed him well. But how?

Feeding tips for you’re doggo

  • Feed separately

Make sure that the pet food that you are feeding to your dog is the perfect one for him. Again, if you have more than one dog, it is better that you feed them separately. You need not worry if one dog eats the food of the other.

  • Feed multiple times a day

Although there are some dogs that act like they are hungry the whole day, yet you can split up the meal into two or three divisions and feed them accordingly. A better habit will be to feed them along with you. This way, you too will develop a friendly attachment to your dog.

  • Slow them down

Regardless of the size of the dog, it would be better if the dogs eat slowly. In fact, eating fast for a larger dog is dangerous. For slowing their pace of eating, you can make use of the slow feeder bowls or some food toys. If your dog has the habit of chewing things, make sure that you choose a hard plastic.

  • Raise them up

Besides eating slowly, the positioning of the neck in case of large dogs can be a problem too. In that case, do not forget to install a raised feeder, especially in case of large dogs.

  • Time limit

If you leave out your dog’s food all day and do not go near it, you are making a mistake. Instead, allot ten minutes for your dog. If you notice that he is not eating, pick up the food and wait for the next meal. There are chances that your dog may start eating very soon because she will come to know that the food will not remain there all day.

  • Entice them

If your dog is not excited about his meals, the best that you can do is start attracting it. This can be done by adding broth, wet food or few drops of flavored eatables. In short, you have to entice it with something that it likes.

  • Train them

If you have to feed healthy food to your pet, the first thing that you need to do is to make it feel hungry. In order to do so, grab the opportunity to train your dog. Why not go through some hardcore physical activities with your dog! That’ll be super fun! After few hours of training, make him sit in a place, while you prepare his food in the meantime. So, this will bring your dog to a disciplined lifestyle.

  • Clean those dishes

If you are feeding something dry to your dog in a dish, make sure you clean it. Dry eatables on a plate do not mean it is absolutely clean. Dogs have hundred times more sniffing power than we humans. So, it will be very easy for your dog to figure out if the dish is clean or not.


So, this is how you can maintain the diet of your pet dog. Hope you like the article and start following it right from tomorrow!

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