Eliminating Pet Odors from Your Home
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Eliminating Pet Odors from Your Home


The quickest and easiest way to get pet odors out of the house is to start at the source: your pet. Bath time is no fun for either pets or humans, but it’s the greatest single thing you can do to control odor in the house. Bath intervals vary by animal breed (and how dirty they tend to get), but the minimum is usually once every one to three months. Brushing coats and feeding dogs omega-3 fatty acids also helps their natural maintenance and cleaning process.

Gave Fido a bath and he still smells? It might be time to make an appointment with the vet. Our furry friends can develop a wide variety of medical conditions that can produce odors that end up on surfaces. An allergy or a food that dogs react poorly to can cause smelly skin, as can parasites. Pets might also get gas due to a diet or medical issue. And if a dog is “scooting” around the carpet they may have an impacted anal gland that will create more odor than usual.

“All of that is great,” you might say, “but my house already smells like my pet!” If fully airing things out for an extended period doesn’t fix it, it’s time to hunt for trouble spots. There are some obvious places to start, like a dog bed or a cat’s litter box. You can use a UV flashlight with a blacklight (sold at many stores for under $10) to hunt for places where there might be non-obvious secretions building up.

In the end, you might find that the most effective (and even affordable) answer is to call in a professional. For example, Lightning Carpet Care offers a variety of cleaning services including deep steam cleaning of carpets that not only removes pet odors but takes care of any stains as well. This process is also available as a “low moisture carpet cleaning” that speeds up dry time.

Besides carpets, furniture is another source of persistent pet odors. This problem can be helped with a professional upholstery cleaning.  A hot water extraction removes years of oil and dirt buildup as well as any lingering food particles. While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to address any area/throw rugs or wood floors. They can harbor deeply ground-in dirt and odors that mopping and vacuuming do not address. They also require careful treatment during deep cleaning as they are easy to accidentally damage.

After a professional cleaning, your house will be back to smelling as fresh as it did when you first moved in. You can then focus on prevention rather than cures!

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