Do you have a Frenchie dog

Do you have a Frenchie dog? You must take good care of him


Also known as “Frenchie dog“, the French bulldog is believed to have originated in three countries – England, France, and the United States. Breeders argue that England is responsible for the origin of the old Bulldog. France helped to untie French Bulldogs from English Bulldogs, and the USA were responsible for bringing the little ears up, a well-known characteristic of these pets. The coat of the French bulldog is short, smooth, soft and shiny. It’s most common colors are brindle black, gold, and bicolor. But, other variations are also much desired by breeders, and lovers of the breed.

Do you take proper care of him?

It is essential to be very careful with the temperatures to which a French bulldog is exposed. Because, it is a dog with a short snout. It has a lot of difficulty adapting to high temperatures. So, it always needs to be in fresh, and airy environments. In colder days, you need to protect him with pure cotton dress such as pajamas, hoodies, French Bulldog jacket etc., which will protect him from the very exposed temperature. So, before buying dress for your French bulldog, you must take several aspects in consideration such as material quality, budget, store reputation, online feedback, dress benefits, etc.For a comfortable move, pajamas are the best options. The 5 surprising benefits to French bulldog pajamas are – sustain body temperature, protects from itchiness, reduces contact with Allergens, the pajamas are ecofriendly, and looks gorgeous in holiday photos.

Some other crucial aspects for Frenchie

The breed loves affection, but what this bulldog really likes is his family life, and socializing with his favorite humans. Courageous, and playful, these bulldogs love to amuse their humans with games. Although, they look very serious, they are actually quite funny, and full of life. In fact, the French bulldog is an animal for company. His great happiness is to keep humans company.

For them, a weekly brushing is enough. Here, the ideal is to use a bristle brush or a glove. Bathing should be done whenever necessary and you must also clean the folds of your face with a damp cloth or, tissue to avoid skin problems. As they are brachycephalic, the French bulldog has difficulty breathing through his nose. These dogs usually breathe more through their mouths, and snore a lot when they sleep. These characteristics make Frenchie more susceptible to excessive cold, or heat. Therefore, the ideal is that these dogs live inside the house of their humans.

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