Czech German Shepherd: Working Line Characteristics


Czech Alsatians come from the German Shepherd working line breed. They have some similar characteristics and traits, but tends to be far more defensive than their German sisters and brothers. Often referred to as the East German Working Line German Shepherd, the Czech Alsatian stands out from a crowd and has a history of guarding and acting in a military capacity.

Here’s a look at all you need to know about the characteristics, traits, and history of the Czech Shepherd.

A Dog with a Strong Temperament

The East German Shepherd working Line dogs have long been connected to patrolling work and military protection detail. These dogs needed to be dedicated and focused, which remains important today. There was once a stigma that the strong temperament meant that the dogs wouldn’t make good family pets, but that is completely untrue.

The passive family environment is still an excellent one. Czech Shepherds love companions and are loyal, loving dogs. It will take time to train a dog of this breed, and play during training is essential to adapt to the family life.

This breed of dog is full of energy. Finding ways to tire the family pet out is essential or it may lead to some problems within the home.

Appearance of the Czech Alsatian

A Czech German Shepherd dog will come in various colours. While some have a mixture of tan and black fur, very much like traditionally viewed German Shepherd, some of them will also have some red or be fully black.

Apart from the colour, they will look very familiar to other East German Shepherd breeds, with the angled back and large heads and paws. Their hips drop, allowing for more power in their runs and jumps.

This East German Shepherd breed is one of the most powerful of all. They’re the heaviest and biggest, which helped for the breeding programs. One of the problems was the dropped hips. Czech Alsatians are among the most at risk for hip dysplasia, meaning the breeding programs would check both parents to clear them of the condition before allowing them to breed. Hip dysplasia is when the hips don’t sit in the sockets properly, leading to dislocation and unsteady joints.

Full of Life and Energy

As mentioned, this breed is one full of energy. This is important when it comes to owning one as a pet. The main reason German Shepherd dogs have been used in police forces and in the military is because of this energy. They are always alert and ready to run the minute they need to. At the same time, they are easy to train and extremely loyal.

This personality trait can make it difficult for families. If you don’t have time to get out for regular long walks, your Alsatian is going to be restless in the home. Some owners complain of having a disruptive pet. This is usually due to built up energy that the dog is trying to release in the home.

When you exercise your Czech German Shepherd regularly, you’ll find that training is much easier. Your dog will be calmer in the home and be a “well-behaved” pet at all times. In fact, you’ll find your dog is more loving and loyal, because you’ve put its needs and interests first.

The Czech Alsatian is a loyal breed that just wants to play. Once a dog just for the military police, it has become an excellent family pet. Your pet will stand out with its predominately darker coat but slightly defensive nature to strangers.

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