Dog Collar and Equipment for the Dog

Choosing a Dog Collar and Equipment for the Dog


A few useful tips from this review will help you not only to save money but also to use the purchased items with maximum comfort for your dog.

Choosing a Dog Collar

For everyday life, the best is a leather or nylon collar. If your dog has long fur in order to avoid tangling of it the rolled collar is used. The size of the dog collar should be chosen so that under it you can easily stick two fingers on their edge.

When choosing a dog collar, you need to consider the breed and the age of the animal. Collars for dogs are made of leather, synthetics, metal, fabric, slings, and cords, combining different materials. For example, leather dog collars are not always suitable for walking or training. The presence of a dog collar primarily tells others that a dog has an owner. Secondly, it allows you to have control over the dog: to grab it, to hold it, to fasten it.

If you buy a leather dog collar with a leash for a dog separately, it is difficult to achieve the aesthetic harmony and completeness that the set gives, even when the ammunition is very interesting, bright or laconic in color and material. Choose leather dog collars options on collar website.

Choosing a Leash for the Dog

Three leashes for the dog are needed. The first – for daily walks, 1.5-2 meters long, made of leather. It is undesirable to use roulette leashes if the weight of an adult dog will be more than 5 kilograms.

The second is nylon leash, 3-5 meters long, it will be required while training the dog when it is necessary to create an imitation of freedom. In this case, you can also use a leash from the leather.

The third one is the show leash. As a rule, it is used only for exhibitions, it is a thin beautiful string with a loop-collar.

Choosing a Dog Muzzle

In summer, it is better to use half-open meshes to make it easier for the dog to breathe. In winter, it is easier to use a closed muzzle, since, in addition to the safety of others, the dog in cold weather will not swallow cold air. Although with some young dogs you have to use a closed leather muzzle in the summer, in order to prevent their desire to pick up something from the ground.

Choosing a Toy for a Dog

To make better contact with a puppy, turn the walk into a great fun game. But do not pick up strange sticks outside that someone has already bitten before your pet and it is not known whether the previous dog was healthy. It’s best to grab a rag cord or ball from home. You can also purchase wooden aport dumbbells so that your walk turns into a useful workout.

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