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Chinese Water Dragon helpful information


Chinese Water Dragon can also be known named Eco-friendly Water Dragon or Asian Water Dragon. These a dragon is occupants of Asia. There’s another types of water dragon that’s scientifically named as Physignathus lesueurii, it’s indigenous to Australia.

The life time differs from 10-20 years.


China Water Dragonis eco-friendly to look at, varying from dark eco-friendly to light eco-friendly. Vertical slants and stripes of eco-friendly or turquoise is located all over the body. Their bellies are usually white-colored colored or pale yellow as well as their throats are usually colorful. The lengthy tail is narrow and it is banded with eco-friendly and brown color. The males generally have large heads as opposed to females plus they develop large crests on tha back from the mind and neck.

China Water Dragons Care needs bigger enclosures to reside in- the minimum size for that adult dragon is 6 ft lengthy,2-3 ft deep and 5-6 ft tall. An enclosure of the dimensions are generally customized and is commonly a little bit pricey option. It’s easier to accommodate one male and something female instead of two males or more females, because they may display aggression in a tiny space.

Furnishing the area

Make use of the furnishings that do not cause impactions when digested. It’s easier to go for sterilized poting soil having a cover of sphagnum moss that’s a mixture of peat moss, soil, cypress mulch, sand and AstroTurf or paper. The enclosures will include lots of branches for climbing and basking. The live plants like dracena, hibiscus, ficus, pothos, and ferns could be added.

Water and Humidity

China Water Dragons needs a good pool water. It ought to be deep enough so the dragon could be submerged a minimum of ½ of the height. To guard your dragons from infections, you have to remove and clean/disinfect water tub every day, particularly if the dragon utilizes it for that toilet purpose.

Humidity ought to be around 80 {e97c7bb35eb4810b8698b904a87616c219e88c727f1ec510be768deacdcea7ca}. You have to mist the enclosure a couple of times as needed. The potted live plants will keep humidity levels high.

Heat and Lightning Needs

Your day time temperature should range from 84-88F that may be extended up to 90degree. During the night you are able to drop the temperature to 75-80degree. A thing of caution- the enclosure ought to be provided with temperature gradient that measures the accurate temperature both awesome and warm. A mix of basking light, ceramic heat element, undertank heat pads, as well as heat tape may also be utilized.

A UVA/UVB fluorescent fixture ought to be used for both night and day cycle.

Last although not minimal add calcium or Vitamin D3 supplement within their diet.

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