Caring For A Dwarf Hamster


Do you know how to PROPERLY take care of your dwarf hamster. Taking care of a hamster is a big responsibility. Some people have no clue about how to exactly do this. But when you read this article, I will give you the basics that you need. These basics include:

  1. Preparing for your hamster.
  2. Proper Nutrition.
  3. Playful Interaction.

These are the basics of caring for your dwarf hamster. To learn even more advanced tips, I recommend that you visit: It can answer ALL of your questions concerning dwarf hamsters! How to properly take care of them, what to feed them and how to keep them healthy!

  1. Preparation for your hamster

Preparing for your dwarf hamster begins before you buy him/her. You first have to decide which hamster that you want, or which one is best for you or your family. A lot of people like dwarf hamsters because of their easy going sentiment. Unlike the Syrian hamster, two dwarf hamsters can peacefully coexist in the same cage! There are a lot faster than their Syrian counterparts but, this is to be expected.

Before you bring the dwarf hamster to your home you must have a cage already prepared to accept him/her. This cage must have at the very least a fresh supply of water, nesting material and a food dish. All of these things will ensure that your hamster has a smooth transition from pet store to home.

Make sure that the hamster cage is in an ideal location, free from noise and other distractions. Dwarf hamsters are nocturnal and any unnecessary noise will cause undue stress on the animal.

Also make sure that the cage is not placed in direct sunlight. They are very sensitive to temperature changes.

After a week you will have to learn how to clean a cage. I strongly suggest reading this guide for beginners; because there are some tricks you want to learn.

  1. Proper Nutrition for hamster

Proper nutrition is a must for your brand new dwarf hamster! You should treat him/her as your baby because that’s exactly how attached to them you will become! You wouldn’t give your baby just anything to eat, would you? Of course not!

First and foremost, dwarf hamsters have a high occurrence of diabetes, so limiting sweets is a wise suggestion. They also like to hoard food, so there is no reason to give them more than 2 tablespoons a day of that “healthy hamster” mix! They most likely will not eat it all and will hoard the rest.

This “healthy hamster” mix will have seeds, pellets, dried fruits and veggies in it. But one thing that will be missing is a weekly serving of fresh leafy green vegetables. You should introduce these into your dwarf hamsters diet at least 3 times a week.

Here is also a short list of things that you should NEVER feed your dwarf hamster:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mangoes
  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Corn

A fresh supply of water is just as important to your dwarf hamster as food. They love water so make sure that you have it on hand. If you are going to use a bowl, make sure that it is heavy enough not to get kicked over, and if you use the water bottle, make sure that the tip is not plastic.

Any plastic in any hamster cage is not a good idea because they like to chew on everything and chewing on plastic is not a good thing for hamsters. It can hurt or even kill them!

  1. Playful interaction

You should definitely play with your new dwarf hamster. To let him/her know that you care and to make sure that he/she doesn’t get depressed. Like I said earlier, unlike Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters can live together in the same cage without killing each other because dwarf hamsters live in colonies in the wild.

But if you decide to have a single dwarf hamster then you must take “up the slack!” They are not used to being by themselves and actually look forward to your interaction. This interaction also helps you as well.

Scientific studies have proved that playing with your pet has been known to lower blood pressure and stress levels. So, in other words, if you are stressed out and don’t know where to turn, play with your brand new dwarf hamster! They might just save your life!

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