Can Brown Bear Win on Siberian Tiger in fight?


When the two come face to face, then there are loads of things that come into action. The two have their own advantages and disadvantages over their own features. If we compare the two based on agility, then we will see that the Siberian Tigers have flexible spines compared to that of the brown bears. But, on the other hand the brown bears possess more flexible forearms as compared to that of the Siberian Tiger.

Now these two distinctions might be since Siberian Tigers need more flexibility in movement with their big structure and as the bears have the weight bearing ability, they are able to do so by the help of strong spines. The features that are present in both these animals doesn’t make them stronger than each other, instead they are strong, which helps them in making their own kill and feed on them.

At times when they cross each other paths, who will win depends on the tactics they adopt and what the situation is at that point of time. The abdominal muscles and the back muscles are strong enough in the bear and it gives them enough strength in midsection of the bear and postural support too.

The muscle fibre that twitches slowly in the bear provides it with greater endurance and as the percentage is higher in the Siberian tiger therefore, it is highly explosive in shorter bursts.

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Fighting the duel – Brown Bear vs Siberian Tiger

When they are face to face in the battlefield, many assume that the Siberian tiger will be a clear winner because the tigers are a greater predator. Moreover, they are quite big in size and are also the largest cat across the globe. Apart from that you will also find that the Siberian Tigers often make a kill, which are almost equal to its size without much ado.

There have been instances when the Siberian Tiger has taken down the Brown bear. On the other hand Brown bear is quite a mean animal who shows no mercy to its prey and if it sees food, then it will do anything to make it his own. They are big and strong, but they have been often beaten by many predators during their encounters.

The biggest disadvantage, if any that can be considered in case of the brown bear, then it is their slow pace. The brown bears are not as agile as the Siberian tigers, but that doesn’t deter them from fighting against Siberian tigers to get the share of the food that the Siberian Tigers have hunted for their own pride or for themselves.

Siberian tigers are known for their attacks and even attack on reptiles. The reptiles like crocodiles, anaconda, snakes and Pythons will be tough contenders for Siberian Tiger.

I have seen a video where Siberian tiger is seen fighting with a Python snake and struggling to get out of the grip of a snake. But yes, siberian tigers can easily kill Ball Python snakes, they are delicate snakes and people keep them as pets.

In one of the duels, when the Siberian tiger was enjoying the feed, the brown bear attacked the tiger and tried to snatch away the feed. Sensing this, the Siberian tigers warn the bear with its roar, but the bear is not in the mood to walk away. So, it proceeds towards the food and this time the tiger tries to knock down the bear with all the strength but the bear is strong enough to absorb it.

When the tiger strikes on its neck, then the bear knocks down the tiger with a blow and it kills the tiger with its strong paw swipe right on the head of the tiger, then at the back of the tiger and finally bites off its neck. This way it ensures that the tiger is dead completely and then it walks toward the food and enjoys the meal before going into the hibernation.

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