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What Are The Services Of Boarding Cattery?


boarding cattery is one of the cats housed temporarily when they cannot stay at their owners’ homes. Concord Veterinary Hospital is offering both short and long term cat boarding in the cattery. These cat boarders are looked after and checked regularly throughout the day by their highly trained veterinary nurses and veterinarians. This service has comfortable bedding, trays, and litter that are all provided for and all boarders are fed premium cat food. They are happy to cater to any specific needs including daily medication, a special diet or even extra cuddles. This cattery is also climate controlled and designed so that cat condos and luxury runs provide privacy for their feline friends.

Some Services Of Boarding Cattery 

Concord Veterinary Hospital is one of the trusted local veterinary hospitals in Concord. This is located in the Inner West of Sydney, Concord Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located between Strathfield and Concord West. They are offering a full range of veterinary services including annual health checks, consultations, vaccinations, surgery with a fully equipped surgical suite, dentistry, ophthalmology, digital radiology, ultrasonography, and a fully equipped hospital. They are having an experienced and professional team of compassionate veterinarians and talented veterinary nurses to look after the furry members of your family.

  • Rooms and Rates

They are offering both spacious Cat Condos and Luxury Runs, both of which have been designed for your cat’s utmost comfort during their stay with us.

  • Cat Condos

Our Cat Condos feature multi-level areas for your cat to relax, including a hammock bed. Boarding in one of our Cat Condos is $25.00 per cat per night.

  • Luxury Runs

These Luxury Runs are spacious and these are included a larger area for your cat to walk around in and a tall climbing tree complete with scratching posts and hammocks. Several of  Luxury Runs are also basking in the afternoon sun. Boarding in our Luxury Runs is $30.00 per cat per night.

  • Reservations

If you would like to make a reservation for your cat in either a Cat Condo or Luxury Run, please call 9743 1715 or fill out these Online Contact Form. Please note that during school holidays and over Christmas spots fill fast and these Luxury Runs are very popular so book early to avoid disappointment. Also, all cats must have a current vaccination to board in their catteries.

  • Additional Services

They are offering the following additional services for these boarding cattery. You can inform reception upon reservation or on admission if you would like any of the following services for your cat during their stay with us:

  • Nail clip
  • Worming treatment
  • Flea treatment
  • Health Check
  • Blood tests

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