diet plan
diet plan

Best way to feed the dogs


We need to feed the dogs with a kiddle type of food. We can feed the dog with raw vegetables or some pedigree. Most of the owners feed their dogs with raw meat and they prefer to grow their dog’s wild way. Few owners select their human meat as normal meat. There are several pet products which are helpful in producing good meat. We need to practice good hygiene measures for dealing with food and its habits. There are few bacterial infections Cryptococcus etc. There must be a guide for the dogs through veterinary diet plan, which are helpful in maintaining. Raw diets are not balanced diets for the dogs, few dogs may take it and few cannot. Boiled chicken is a good option of perfect first for dogs.

Dogs and its diet plan by pet post

We need not cook bone, toxic substance like onion sauces should not be given on the meat. Tinned tuna, tinned salmon are other few foods can be taken by the dogs. Raw carrot, raw meat and uncooked items are also few options for dog’s diet. According to study it is proved that dogs will have less fibre amount in their foods, so in order to cope up it we need to give grated carrot in the diet. The dogs diet eating meats leads to constipation of the dogs. In order to removal debris from the teeth there is two bones sufficient. The whole bone cannot get fitted into the mouth at once; in order to eat the food must be raw. Cooked bones cause internal intestinal damage for dogs so we need to be careful before feeding it.

The amount of food taken by dog is based on the size of dog and breed it belongs to and the food it takes also based on exercise it does daily. .we need to assure us do not over feed the dog because it may leads to constipation problems. If you have any doubts regarding pet food never hesitate to ask veterinary doctors’ advice regarding diet plans. We need to make sure the dog is with water and is always hydrated as much as it water, in order to check we need to fill the water bowl up to brim every time.

While you are checking for weight and height of your dog, it is better to look at the shape and size of dog also, if you are planning to grow the dogs so lean, then we can feel ribs positions of dogs, if we are planning to make it fat, then estimate the size by rolling your fingers over waist, then we can find well deigned waist. If your dog is told to be obese then there are several problems arise for it those are osteomyelitis etc.

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