German shepherds
German shepherds

Are German shepherds good family pets?


Defiantly Yes.

How? There are many people that say these breeds are not good for our family or neighborhood.

It is very violent to strangers.

But, In real

With proper training, you will have a calm shepherd as you like to have.

They need more time, afford and focus.

From puppy, they need to be trained.

German Shepherds are very loyal and protective dogs. It is a very gentle and intelligent breed of dogs.

If this breed properly trained then it is very best for other animals like cats. With poor training, it is shy or aggressive to the cat.

For the first-time owner, it is a very good option to get a pet. These dogs are easy to train and very active to learn. But you need to give you your time to get the best pet dog with this breed.

Maybe it is not listed in “best family dogs” but somehow you can put it in the list. Because it Is protective and caring dogs

While German shepherds are the topmost aggressive dogs in the world. At the owners’ end, they are safe, but while it is a very dangerous dog for strangers.

The German shepherds are trained to be socialized by their born time. If they introduce to other dogs, people, and puppies since its puppy level, they will become calm and well-behaved.

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