Checklist to Travel to the Beach with Pets

Anyone who is a parent to fur buds would know that the last-minute destination for a quick break is the beach! Sand and water, shade and sun and the high energy levels make for a perfect one-day vacation. And while this easy choice is the best and often one of the most memorable trip, one must consider the various aspects to this day-out with pets. Here we are with the perfect checklist for your ‘Fido Beach Bag’, which will come in handy when you plan a trip to the beach with your furry friend! Just check things off your list while you pack, and you are all set for your outing.

Pet essentials

  1. Vaccination records- A must no matter where you are taking your pup, these documents are the first thing that should go into your bag. A precaution of sorts, they come in very handy in all kinds of emergency situations.
  2. Collar and leash- Don’t limit them to just one set. Take multiple collars and leashes, and even a body belt. Whether it be a late evening stroll, or just making your way back to the parking, having ample of these is a must.
  3. Tags- With your pet’s name, and your contact number, you must have one on the collar and a few in your bag. Remember, they must be waterproof!
  4. To travel and to sleep- Carry the crate or the seatbelts depending on the comfort of your pup for car travel. A must for travelling with pets is their bed, as new surroundings are sometimes intimidating for new explorers.

Safety first!

  1. First aid kit- Your bag must carry your pet’s first aid kit no matter where you decide to go! Make sure you have all the essential things that your canine may need.
  2. Life jacket- They love water, but aren’t good swimmers, no worries. Just carry their life jacket and you are all set for your swim!

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Health care…

  1. Sun protection- Specific to all the warm regions, and especially to the beach, is sun protection. Natural pet sun protection is available, and it is best to carry this on your beach trip.
  2. Eye, ear, paws care- Some of the most sensitive parts of your furrball, be sure to carry eye wipes, ear wipes and paw sprays to keep them clean and healthy.
  3. Shade- An umbrella or just some blankets to make a shaded area for your pet to hide away from the sun in the afternoon.

Squeaky clean!

  1. Seat covers and blankets- In this excitement, don’t forget to carry some protection for your car! Just some waterproof seat covers, and blankets will help you keep your seats clean, while your pup spreads out after a tiring, fun day.
  2. Wash and pat- Carry clean water to wash your pet’s face. They often get irritated in case they have sand in their eyes, and it only gets worse when they scratch! Also, carry a good, absorbent towel to dry off your pooch.
  3. Waste cleaning- Poop scoop and bags are a must.

Grub for the bub…

  1. Food and water- Fresh, cool drinking water and food must be in your bag. Avoid cooked food and opt for some dry dishes. Dogs tend to dehydrate in the car, so if your journey is a little long, carry water, or even better, chunks of some juicy fruits.
  2. Portable food and water dishes- Easy to clean, and easy to feed, these will make your pet comfortable.


  1. Toys- Frisbee, balls and other toys that your pooch loves should be packed come what may. And to add a little fun to your beach visit, carry some floating toys!
  2. Camera- One of the most important items on this checklist, you would not want to miss out on capturing your pup’s toothy smile!

In case this is your first beach trip with your buddy, this checklist will be very important for you. So, do your research, understand your pet, and plan your trip to the sun and sand soon!