Automatic feeder cat test in 2018

Pet Care

Cats are much more than just a ” pet ” to us cat lovers . They are an integral part of our family and have therefore earned the best possible. This starts with a cuddly sleeping place, enough toys and ends with the daily care. A automatic pet feeder for cats can never replace us as a companion and caregiver, but make life easier. Especially if we are traveling longer, the intelligent automat can take over our duties and we know our darling at home well looked after! Different models with special characteristics

Feeders do the work for us! In any case, almost … Today, there are many different models for feed dispensers and Co. to find. Each model is different and has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, a feed dispenser (depending on the model) is suitable for both wet and dry food. Some models also have an extra compartment, which can serve as a water bowl.

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Wet food always fresh and tasty

On certain models, this tray can also be filled with ice cubes to keep the food fresh. A very special feature, especially if you are traveling longer or come home the next day.

Today you can even find feeders for cats, which have a special equipment called “voice recorder”. Here the voice can be recorded beforehand. The cat can thus be accustomed to the use of the machine by the voice or certain commands. Most models work with batteries. There are also usually different settings. For example, the vending machine donates (depending on the setting) 1 or 2 times a day, always at the same time or 3-4 times a day at different times, but of course you can always program your own time. So if your pet prefers something a little warmer, such a cat feeder is a good solution.

Today, there are even unique models that can be controlled via a specific app on the smartphone. For example, in the case of prolonged absence, the feed, the cooling temperature, etc. can also be controlled while on the move. An unbelievable advantage if you decide to stay a day longer, the only requirement is that there is enough food in the store! A redistribution is made easier by the app!

The advantages of a feed dispenser

The advantages of a feeder are clearly obvious. First, they should relieve the cat owner something. The cat no longer has to wait for its can opener, but gets its food regularly at certain times. This regularity is good for many cats. A possible overfeeding of the cat is also counteracted. But even if we as cat owners want to stay away longer, we do not have to worry about our little tiger tiger, because he still gets his food regularly. Many cat owners appreciate this advantage very much and therefore no longer need a person to take care of their cat. Anyone who is away for 2 days can do so through the feed dispenser without worry.

But the time factor plays a big role in the machines. Thus, the owner often has more time for more important things, such as playing with the cat. If there are more than one cat in the house, the benefits come out very quickly, because sometimes every cat wants to eat at a different time. This can be counteracted by the machine also.

Help for sick cats

Especially sick cats, who need regular medication, can also benefit from a feed dispenser. Thus, the cat is always supplied at regular intervals with the food or medicine. Even older cats appreciate the regularity and thus experience a more regulated feeding behavior. Weight control also plays a big role in many cats. Diet management is also facilitated by the donor in a pleasant way. A feeder is also a great help, where, for example, dogs live together with the cats in the household. So it can be ensured that not the dog , but actually the cat has some of their food! This also applies to outdoor animals, who often bring other cats into the house.


Cat food dispensers can never replace the can opener, but can help with the job. Especially if you want to stay away a little longer, such a machine can be extremely helpful and the Stubentiger supply well even in the absence!